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Our pre-assembled floors are built in sections and according to customer specifications. They include: 

screwed and glued sheating

floor joists


peripheral walls and lateral bracing

Factory pre-assembled floors provide superior quality and significant time and money savings.

LCF Open Web Joist


We produce our own Open Web Joist. The advantages of the LCF joists are:


A less complex bracing system

A wider nailing or gluing surface (2-1/2’’ to 3-1/2/) that makes for a faster floor and ceiling installation

The open framework facilitates the installation of various electrical, plumbing and heating components

In most cases calipers are reduced


Reduces waste on site

More flexibility in the design

Triforce Open Web Floor Joist

Léon Chouinard et Fils cie Ltée is the Open Web Floor Joist distributor for your flooring system.  


This product is kept in inventory and available in different lengths and heights, ready to be delivered on site. 

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